I operate the W4LSG 2 Meter FM Repeater on Ivy Mountain in Clarkesville, GA.  This system is in the same location as the former K4HCA 147.120 repeater operated by Harold Hairston (SK).  The site at Ivy Mountain is used by Habersham County for their public service radio systems.

W4LSG Motorola MSF5000 repeater and WACOM WP-641 duplexer

Ivy Mountain Towers at around 1,900ft ASL

Net Schedule

-Nothing scheduled at this time.


W4LSG Repeater Coverage Map

This repeater seems to work pretty good with a 50w mobile within a 50 mile radius.  It should be usable while mobile in and around these areas:

Lula, Alto, Cleveland, Helen, Lakemont, Batesville, Sautee Nacoochee, Clarkesville, Demorest, Cornelia, Baldwin, Tallulah Falls, Rabun Gap, Dillard, Turnerville, Mountain City, Clayton, Commerce, Maysville, Carnesville, Lavonia, Royston, Bowman, Toccoa, and more.

South Carolina
Fairplay, Westminster, Walhalla, Mountain Rest, and more.  

I occasionally link the repeater to Echolink (W4LSG-R #628293) and am working on a full time link radio.  When it's linked, you can access the repeater via the Echolink app for PC, iPhone, or Android.  Occasionally, I may also link the machine to Echolink conference systems such as *Georgia* or *SCARS*.  When linked, local RF traffic will go across the link to other systems.  Remote users will come across the link into W4LSG-R and will be indicated by a courtesy tone.  

If you hear a voice ID ("W4LSG Repeater"), then Echolink is running.  When I get the full time link up, I'll try to have a schedule for it to auto connect to certain systems for Nets and such.

DTMF Tones for Echolink:
08 - Announces all connected stations
## - disconnects all connected stations
(dial node number) - connects to node

If you'd like to make a donation to help maintain and expand this repeater you may do so using the button below.

A big thanks to the following people for their help and support:

Ron Olexa - KA3JIJ

Clayton Bryant - W4CMB

Greig "Rip" Ripple - K4RIP

Woody Parr - W2BBQ

Worth Clark - KG4PXG

Habersham County EMA Director

Habersham County Maintenance

Other Nearby Repeaters

This is a small list of repeaters around my QTH.  I use, monitor, and/or help support each of these repeater systems.

VHF Repeaters

 Location Callsign Type Freq Offset PL Tone Activity Level
On Air
Black Rock
KN4ZKT FM 147.120 +0.6 67.0 **yes 
Ivy Mtn
 W4LSG FM 145.390 -0.6 123.0 **yes
Wauka Mtn
 W4ABP FM 146.670 -0.6  131.8**** yes
Wauka Mtn
 W4CBA  C DV 145.200 -0.6  ** yes
Wauka Mtn
 145.310 -0.6 123.8 ** yes
 Lavonia W4CMB FM 146.715 -0.6 100 ** yes
 CarnesvilleW4CMB  FM 146.895 -0.6 100 ** yes

UHF Repeaters

 Location Callsign Type Freq Offset PLTone
On Air
 Baldwin WD4NHW   FM  442.350 +5.0 none none no
Wauka Mtn
 W4CBA B  DV 444.3375 +5.0 ** yes
Wauka Mtn
 KA3JIJ DMR 444.950 +5.0 CC 1 * yes
 Lavonia W4CMB FM-N 442.475 +5.0 203.5 * yes
 Carnesville W4CMB FM 443.200 +5.0 151.4 * yes

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