Sunday, June 2, 2019

Worked Conway Reef - 3D2CR

I worked the 3D2CR Conway Reef Rebel DX group activity on 17m phone!  Glad to get them in the log considering it was almost 10PM here in Georgia when I made the contact on my OCF dipole!

Conway Reef is a coral reef of atoll type 450 km southwest of the Fiji Islands and part of the Republic of Fiji. It is at 21°44′18″S 174°38′24″E. It is 2.5 km long in an east-west direction. On the middle of the reef is a small sand cay, 1.8 meters high and about 320 meters long and 73 meters wide, with a land area of two hectares. A stranded wreck of a coaster lies 240 meters south of the center of the cay, and the wreck of a fishing vessel (Sang Sheng No. 168) lies on the northeast end of the reef.  The reef is uninhabited apart from birds which appear to have almost no fear of humans. Administratively, the reef is part of the Western Division, Fiji and of the Nadroga-Navosa province.

UPDATE 6/4/2019:
I worked 3D2CR on 20m FT8 too!


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