Tuesday, June 5, 2018

6 Meter Contacts on the West Coast

6m is a very interesting band. It's mostly dead quiet.  But occasionally it will open and provide some good propagation.  I've caught a couple 6m band openings and made some contacts in New England and Canada.  But last weekend we had an opening that lingered for a while and provided some propagation to the West Coast!  Since I've talked around the world on other bands, you wouldn't think getting my signal to the West Coast would be so exciting.  6m is such a mystery and I only have my Maxon off center fed dipole for 6m. I was super exited to work a couple California stations at around 2,000 miles away and several others in a different direction than previous 6m contacts!  Most contacts were made with 50 watts on FT8.

Below is a map of my 6m contacts.  I'm not sure why there is one mapped far into Canada.  According to what I saw, my only Canadian contacts were near the US boarder...

KG4LST 6m QSO Map (hrdlog.net)

73 de KG4LST sk

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