Thursday, May 3, 2018

Worked Tajikistan - EY7AD

I spent some time playing radio on FT8 this evening. I noticed that the 20m band was staying active later than usual. I took the opportunity to work a few stations in Asia and Asiatic Russian.  While I was working an FT8 QSO, I saw EY7AD in Tajikistan spotted on the DX cluster.  Realizing it was already 10:20PM, I finished my QSO and then tuned to 14.208 USB. I could copy the station calling CQ at about a 53.  I called for him and was able to make contact!  He gave me an RST of 56 to 57!  At over 7,000 miles I was proud to make contact with this country for the first time...especially so late at night and on voice rather than a digital mode!

Tajikistan is a mountainous, landlocked country in Central Asia.  It is bordered by Afghanistan to the south, Uzbekistan to the west, Kyrgyzstan to the north, and China to the east.  I'm always learning more about Geography while I play radio!

Line drawn between KG4LST and EY7AD

73 de KG4LST sk

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