Friday, May 4, 2018

Finally Worked China - BA4RF

I've been trying for a while to work China and thanks to the great propagation for the last couple days, I was finally able to have a 20m FT8 QSO with BA4RF!

I was pleasantly surprised by the fantastic propagation that we had last night on 20m when I contacted Tajikistan at 10:20PM!  I was seeing several stations last night in China calling CQ, but none responded to my call.

This morning, I came into the shack to talk to some friends on 2m and was just looking at the 20m FT8 band activity.  I saw several stations in Russia, Kazakhstan, Scotland, Korea, and China.  I started calling for the Chinese and Korean stations since I had not previously worked them.  After a while, I finally got an answer from BA4RF in China!

It's so awesome to have this long distance contact in the log with just 65 watts and my Maxcon OCF dipole antenna!

UPDATE 5/14/2018:
BA4RF confirmed the QSO via LoTW!

73 de KG4LST sk

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