Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Achieved the QRZ "DX World Award"

I caught a pleasant band opening on 10m and 6m last night! I made 9 contacts on 6m FT8 and 13 contacts on 10m FT8!

Thanks to the new stateside contacts I made, I got the "100 Counties Digital" endorsement  added to my QRZ "United States Counties" award.

This morning I imported confirmations from LoTW and found that I also achieved the QRZ "DX World" award!  This award is for successful two way communications with amateur radio stations in at least 100 different countries throughout the world.  According to my logbook, I'm actually up to 132 countries.  But, if they don't get confirmed they don't count.

I only need 4 more confirmations to achieve the QRZ "United States" award. The States award is the last award from QRZ that I need! (though I don't have all the endorsements available)

All contacts were made from my home QTH station since November of 2017.

73 and good DX de KG4LST sk

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