Monday, April 9, 2018

Worked the St Brandon DX Expedition Station - 3B7A

A team of 8 men will be active from Saint Brandon island April 5-17, 2018 as 3B7A.  Luckily I was able to work them yesterday...on two bands!

I was able to pick them up on 20m SSB after several calls.  Then later that evening found them working a big split on 40m SSB.  I actually found people piled up and calling, but had no idea who they were trying to work. After consulting the DX cluster and tuning around I finally found that they were transmitting out of the US Amateur band and QSX around 7.175 LSB.  Once I found the split, I tuned the amp and was able to work them on 40m fairly quickly!

I'm glad I got them in the log especially since they are only there for a short time!

Saint Brandon, also known as the Cargados Carajos shoals, is an Indian Ocean archipelago about 430 km to the northeast of Mauritius. It is a group of outer islands with a total land area of 1.3 km, belongs to Mauritius and is administered by the Outer Island Development Corporation (OIDC). The reef measures more than 50 km from north to south, and is 5 km wide.

UPDATE 4/15/2018:

I was able to work 3B7A again today on 17m!  That's three bands now!

73 and good DX de KG4LST sk

St Brandon Island

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