Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Wind Took My Dipole Down

We had some high winds a few days ago that brought my dipole crashing down again.  The one flaw that I've found in my off-center fed dipole is that the crimp used to secure each leg to the insulators isn't very good.  Rather than an "inverted vee", my antenna is in a horizontal or "flat top" configuration.  When the wind was blowing, the trees that the antenna is hung in started to sway.  As they swayed, tension was put on the dipole which pulled the leg out of the insulator crimp.

To remedy this problem, myself and Brandon (KN4HDZ) came up with the idea to install a spring between the insulator on each leg and the paracord securing it to the trees.  That way as the trees sway, the springs will stretch and flex allowing the antenna to experience less tension.  I also used some screw-on clamps rather than crimps to secure the leg to the insulator.

Hopefully, this will keep the antenna in the air and my station on the air!

73 de KG4LST sk

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