Sunday, January 28, 2018

Great 20m QSO Reminds Me Why I Love Ham Radio - DG7LAL

When there is a contest going on, sometimes there isn't much other activity on the bands.  Today, I had the pleasure of working Rainer (DG7LAL) in Germany on 20m.  He was 59+ into Georgia and was a very pleasant operator.  We had an actual QSO for about 20 minutes.  As I drank my coffee, we discussed the weather, operating conditions, our experience with 11m citizens band, and more.  He seemed very impressed with the fact that I had worked the continents with just 100 watts and a wire! I did let him know that several of the contacts were achieved with much persistence and often over an hour of trying.  He agreed that there is a rewarding and satisfying feeling of accomplishment when you get your signal into other countries, especially with a simple station.  We both reminisced about our time in the hobby and it really was the type of contact that reminded us both why we love amateur radio.

I hope to see Rainer again later on down the log!

73 de KG4LST sk

Contact with DG7LAL

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